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SharePoint 2007 User's Guide: Learning Microsoft's Collaboration and Productivity Platform »

Book cover image of SharePoint 2007 User's Guide: Learning Microsoft's Collaboration and Productivity Platform by Seth Bates

Authors: Seth Bates, Tony Smith
ISBN-13: 9781590598290, ISBN-10: 1590598296
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Apress L. P.
Date Published: February 2007
Edition: (Non-applicable)

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Author Biography: Seth Bates

Seth Bates is the delivery manager and a solutions architect for DataLan Corporation, a Microsoft Gold Certified partner specializing in SharePoint solutions located in White Plains, New York. Bates coauthored both the SharePoint 2007 User’s Guide: Learning Microsoft’s Collaboration and Productivity Platform and the SharePoint 2003 User’s Guide. He also has performed the technical editing on many other SharePoint books and published an article titled “SharePoint Web Part Development” in the April 2005 edition of Dr. Dobb’s Journal. Bates has over 11 years’ experience engineering business solutions, primarily using Microsoft technologies. With experience in all phases of the software engineering life cycle, he brings a broad mix of analysis, design, and implementation expertise to his work.

Tony Smith is a product manager for DataLan Corporation, a Microsoft Gold Certified partner located in White Plains, New York. Tony coauthored both the SharePoint 2007 User’s Guide: Learning Microsoft’s Collaboration and Productivity Platform and the SharePoint 2003 User’s Guide. He has been working with SharePoint technologies since they were originally introduced in 2001 and has been working with SharePoint 2010 since its initial beta release. He also has experience designing and deploying SharePoint solutions in a wide range of organizations across many industries, including Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies. With a background that includes business analysis, network engineering, and application development, Tony has over 15 years’ experience engineering business solutions and regularly presents to engineers, analysts, and business decision makers. You can find additional information about Tony and topics discussed in this book at

Book Synopsis

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 is the next generation of Microsoft SharePoint technologies. These products expand on SharePoints information-sharing and collaboration capabilities, which allow you to create true enterprise information management, information sharing, and collaboration solutions.

SharePoint 2007 Users Guide: Learning Microsoft's Collaboration and Productivity Platform is the follow-up edition to the successful SharePoint 2003 Users Guide (Apress, 2005). This book provides guidance about the new workflows, interface, and other technologies within SharePoint 2007. Authors Seth Bates and Tony Smith describe SharePoint in a variety of environments, and have the expertise and ability to stand behind this useful guidecatered to anyone who works with SharePoint technologies in any capacity.

Table of Contents

About the Authors     xiii
Acknowledgments     xv
Introduction     xvii
Introduction to SharePoint Technologies     1
What Is Microsoft SharePoint 2007?     2
Evolution of SharePoint     2
Why Is It Valuable?     3
What Are the Building Blocks?     3
Sites     5
Sites Overview     6
Site Layouts     7
Team Sites, Document Workspaces, and Wiki Sites     7
Meeting Workspaces     13
Blog Sites     19
Site Navigation     21
Navigation Through Sites     21
Navigating Within Team Sites, Document Workspaces, and Wiki Sites     22
Navigating Within Meeting Workspaces     23
Navigating Within Blog Sites     24
Navigating Through Sites Using Mobile Devices     25
Creating Sites     26
Creating Subsites in MOSS Sites     26
Creating Subsites in WSS Sites     27
Create a New Document Workspace from a Document in a Site     29
Advanced Site Creation Using Office     29
Managing Site Security     32
Managing SharePoint Groups     32
Changing PermissionInheritance for a Site     35
Managing Permission Levels     36
Managing Site Collection Administrators     40
Changing Site Details     40
Updating the Site Title, Description, URL, and Logo     40
Customizing Navigation Options     41
Updating Site Themes     46
Resetting Site Definitions     46
Configuring Regional Settings for a Site     46
Deleting Sites     47
Managing Site Templates     48
Creating Site Templates     48
Editing Site Templates     49
Deleting Site Templates     50
WSS Site Search     50
Working with Search Results     50
Managing Site Search Visibility     51
Using Site Statistics     51
Site Usage Reports     51
Using Site Collection Usage Statistics     53
Viewing Site Hierarchy     54
Managing Site and Site Collection Features     55
Recycle Bin     56
Viewing Items in the Recycle Bin     56
Restoring Items from the Recycle Bin     57
Deleting Items from the Recycle Bin     57
SharePoint Server 2007     59
MOSS Portals      59
Collaboration Portal     59
Publishing Portal     68
MOSS Navigation Enhancements     71
Navigation Bar     71
Site Actions Menu     71
Quick Launch     73
Navigation Management     74
MOSS Search     75
Performing Simple Searches     75
Performing Advanced Searches     75
Working with Search Results     77
Search Scopes     77
Search Keywords and Best Bets     79
Searchable Columns     80
Search Settings     81
Managing Site Look and Feel     81
Defining the Welcome Page     81
Page Layouts and Site Templates     82
Master Pages and Style Sheets     83
MOSS Site Templates     83
Document Center Template     84
Records Center Template     84
Personalization Site Template     86
Site Directory Template     88
Report Center Template     90
Search Center Template     91
Search Center with Tabs Template     92
Publishing Site Template     93
Publishing Site with Workflow Template      95
News Site Template     95
Site Creation     96
Site Content and Structure Management     97
Usage Reports and Auditing     99
Site Usage Reports     100
Site Collection Usage Reports     107
Site Collection Auditing     110
Site and Site Collection Features     112
Content Variations     113
Variation Labels     114
Translatable Columns     115
Variation Logs     115
List Concepts     117
Creating Lists     117
Working with Lists     118
Adding, Editing, and Deleting Items     118
Filtering and Sorting the List     120
Using Views     121
Faster Data Manipulation Using the Datasheet     122
Folders     123
Versions     124
Managing Lists     125
General Settings     126
Content Approval     128
Security     129
Managing Columns     131
Managing Views     142
Creating a List Template     150
Deleting the List     152
Advanced List Concepts     152
Site Columns      152
Content Types     156
RSS Feed Settings     161
Advanced Office Integration     163
Exporting SharePoint Lists to Excel     163
Creating Custom Lists Using Excel     165
Advanced Datasheet Features     167
Lists     169
Communications     169
Announcements     170
Contacts     172
Discussion Board     175
Tracking     177
Links     177
Calendar     179
Tasks     187
Project Tasks     188
Issue Tracking     190
Survey     192
Agenda     195
Custom Lists     195
Decisions     196
Objectives     197
Text Box     197
Things to Bring     198
Additional Meeting Workspace List Concepts     199
Lists for Meetings in Series     199
Attendees     199
Additional Lists with SharePoint Server 2007     201
KPI List     201
Languages and Translators     206
Advanced Office Integration     207
Exporting SharePoint Lists to Excel     207
Advanced Datasheet Features     208
Libraries     211
Document Library     212
Creating Document Libraries     212
Working with Document Libraries     213
Managing Document Libraries     223
Form Library     232
Creating Form Libraries     232
Working with Form Libraries     232
Managing Form Libraries     236
Picture Library     237
Creating Picture Libraries     238
Working with Picture Libraries     238
Managing Picture Libraries     246
Wiki Page Library     249
Creating Wiki Page Libraries     249
Working with Wiki Page Libraries     249
Managing Wiki Page Libraries     253
Translation Management Library     254
Working with Translation Management Libraries     254
Report Library     255
Data Connection Library     255
Slide Library     256
Creating Slide Libraries     256
Working with Slide Libraries     256
Managing Slide Libraries     260
Advanced Library Concepts     261
Advanced Office Integration      261
Open and Save As Integration     262
Shared Workspace and Document Management Task Panes     263
Accessing Offline Documents by Connecting Libraries with Outlook     265
Creating Form Libraries Through InfoPath Form Publishing     266
Exporting Library Metadata to Excel     268
Advanced Datasheet Features     269
Workflow and Information Management Policies     271
Workflow     271
Managing Workflows     278
SharePoint Server 2007 Workflows     282
Workflow with SharePoint Designer 2007     285
Information Management Policies     286
Policy Features     287
Site Collection Policy     290
Site Content Type Policy     292
List and Library Policies     293
Policy Columns in Views     296
Pages and Web Parts     297
Pages     297
Basic Pages     297
Web Part Pages     300
Publishing Pages     305
Web Parts     310
Adding Web Parts to Pages     310
Managing Web Part Pages     312
Exporting and Importing Web Parts     316
Standard Galleries and Web Parts      318
Further Customization     321
Personalization Features     323
Alerts     323
Subscribing to an Alert     324
Receiving an Alert     330
Managing Your Alerts     330
Removing Alerts for Other Users     332
My Site     332
The My Home Page     334
The My Profile Page     335
My Links     339
Adding My Links     340
Editing My Links     340
Deleting My Links     341
Personalization Sites     341
Personalizing Content     341
Integration with My Site     344
Personalizing Pages     344
Logon Management     346
Signing Out of the Portal     346
Signing In As a Different User     346
Document Management Solutions     349
Document Management Overview     349
Document Creation     350
Document Creation Resources     350
Document Consumption     351
Challenges of Document Management     351
Needs for Document Management     353
SharePoint Document Management Solutions     354
RFP Response Requirements     354
SharePoint Solution Components     355
RFP Response Process Definition     355
SharePoint Environment Layout     356
RFP Response Process Walk-Through     364
Benefits of SharePoint Document Management Solutions     370
Tips for Creating Effective Document Management Solutions     371
Project Collaboration Solutions     373
Project Collaboration Overview     373
Challenges of Project Collaboration     374
Needs for Project Collaboration     375
SharePoint Project Collaboration Solutions     376
Service Plan Project Requirements     376
Service Plan Project Process Definition     376
SharePoint Environment Layout     377
Service Plan Project Process Walk-Through     384
Benefits of SharePoint Project Collaboration Solutions     387
Tips for Creating Effective Project Collaboration Solutions     388
Index     389




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