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Introduction to Computing Systems: From Bits & Gates to C & Beyond » (2nd Edition)

Book cover image of Introduction to Computing Systems: From Bits & Gates to C & Beyond by Yale N. Patt

Authors: Yale N. Patt, Sanjay J. Patel, Sanjay J. Patel
ISBN-13: 9780072467505, ISBN-10: 0072467509
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Date Published: August 2003
Edition: 2nd Edition

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Author Biography: Yale N. Patt

Book Synopsis

Introduction to Computing Systems: From bits & gates to C & beyond, now in its second edition, is designed to give students a better understanding of computing early in their college careers in order to give them a stronger foundation for later courses. The book is in two parts: (a) the underlying structure of a computer, and (b) programming in a high level language and programming methodology.

To understand the computer, the authors introduce the LC-3 and provide the LC-3 Simulator to give students hands-on access for testing what they learn. To develop their understanding of programming and programming methodology, they use the C programming language. The book takes a "motivated" bottom-up approach, where the students first get exposed to the big picture and then start at the bottom and build their knowledge bottom-up. Within each smaller unit, the same motivated bottom-up approach is followed. Every step of the way, students learn new things, building on what they already know. The authors feel that this approach encourages deeper understanding and downplays the need for memorizing. Students develop a greater breadth of understanding, since they see how the various parts of the computer fit together.

Table of Contents

Preface to the First Edition
1Welcome Aboard1
2Bits, Data Types, and Operations21
3Digital Logic Structures51
4The von Neumann Model97
5The LC-3115
7Assembly Language177
9TRAP Routines and Subroutines219
10And, Finally . . . The Stack251
11Introduction to Programming in C289
12Variables and Operators307
13Control Structures343
15Testing and Debugging407
16Pointers and Arrays427
18I/O in C481
19Data Structures497
AThe LC-3 ISA521
BFrom LC-3 to x86547
CThe Microarchitecture of the LC-3565
DThe C Programming Language585
EUseful Tables615
FSolutions to Selected Exercises619




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