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GO! with the Internet: Comprehensive » (1st Edition)

Book cover image of GO! with the Internet: Comprehensive by Shelley Gaskin

Authors: Shelley Gaskin, Rebecca Lawson
ISBN-13: 9780131956957, ISBN-10: 0131956957
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Date Published: January 2008
Edition: 1st Edition

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Author Biography: Shelley Gaskin

Shelley Gaskin, Series Editor for the GO! Series, is a professor of business and computer technology at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California. She holds a master's degree in business education from Northern Illinois University and a doctorate in adult and community education from Ball State University. Dr. Gaskin has 15 years of experience in the computer industry with several Fortune 500 companies and has developed and written training materials for custom systems applications in both the public and private sector. She is also the author of books on Microsoft Outlook and word processing.

Book Synopsis

The primary goal of the GO! Series, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation, with an approach that is based on clearly-defined projects for students and a one of a kind supplements package. GO!’s project-based approach clusters the learning objectives around the projects rather than around software features. Teaches students to solve real problems as they practice and learn the features.

Ideal for students and individuals seeking an introduction to Internet Explorer.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introducing the Internet

PROJECT 1A Locating a Local ISP

Objective 1 Consult a Web Site to Locate an ISP that Offers Service in a Specific Area
Activity 1.1 Searching for ISPs in Your Local Area
Objective 2 Refine Searches to Distinguish
Among the Features of Each ISP
Activity 1.2 Refining Your Search Results 9
Objective 3 Compare Information You Find on the Web
Activity 1.3 Creating a Document that Compares ISPs

PROJECT 1B Researching Internet History

Objective 4 Browse a Directory for Information
Activity 1.4 Searching for Internet History at the Librarians’ Internet Index
Objective 5 Describe Events and Technologies that Affected the Development of the Internet
Activity 1.5 Creating a Timeline of Historical Events Affecting the Internet

PROJECT 1C Connecting to the Internet

Objective 6 Define Common Internet Terms

Objective 7 Analyze URLs, DNS, and Server Structure

Objective 8 Identify Hardware and Software Needed for Internet Connections

Objective 9 Explain Internet
Connection Methods

Objective 10 Describe Wireless Connection Options

PROJECT 1D Exploring Internet History

Objective 11 Summarize the Early History of the Internet

Objective 12 Name Early Key Developers of the Internet

Objective 13 Describe the Unique Features of Hypertext

Objective 14 Describe Popular Uses of the Internet Today

Chapter 2 Browsing the World Wide Web

PROJECT 2A Browsing the World Wide Web

Objective 1 Perform Commands with Internet Explorer
Activity 2.1 Exploring the Menu Bar Activity 2.2 Showing and Hiding Toolbars Activity 2.3 Customizing Text Size Activity 2.4 Locating Favorites and Tools on the Menu Bar
Objective 2 Perform Commands with the Toolbar
Activity 2.5 Exploring the Toolbar Activity 2.6 Using Tabs in Your Browser Window
Objective 3 Specify a Default Home Page
Activity 2.7 Specifying a Default Home Page
Objective 4 Browse the World Wide Web Using Links, the Address Bar,
History, and Favorites Center

Activity 2.8 Browsing the World Wide Web Using Links Activity 2.9 Browsing the World Wide Web Using the Address Bar Activity 2.10 Browsing the World Wide Web Using the History Feature Activity 2.11 Browsing the World Wide Web with the Favorites Center

PROJECT 2B Managing Web Content with Internet Explorer
Objective 5 Print, Save, and E-mail a Web Page
Activity 2.12 Printing Text and Graphics Found on Web Pages

Activity 2.13 Saving Web Pages and Graphics

Activity 2.14 E-mailing Web Pages and Links

to Web Pages

Objective 6 Create a Desktop Shortcut to

a Web Page

Activity 2.15 Creating a Desktop Shortcut

Objective 7 Clear the Cache, Cookies, and


Activity 2.16 Clearing the Cache and Cookies

Activity 2.17 Managing the History

PROJECT 2C Identifying How Browsers Work

Objective 8 Describe How Plug-ins Work

Objective 9 Identify and Compare Several

Popular Web Browsers

PROJECT 2D Examining Privacy Risks and

Security Issues of Browsing

Objective 10 Determine the Risks of

Using the World Wide Web

Objective 11 Identify Safe Browsing


Chapter 3 Searching the

World Wide


PROJECT 3A Implementing Basic Search


Objective 1 Formulate a Keyword Query to

Implement a Search

Activity 3.1 Developing Queries for a Search

Activity 3.2 Identifying Search Engines and Their


Activity 3.3 Creating a Document to Compare

Search Engines

Objective 2 Search with the Address Bar

Activity 3.4 Searching with the Address Bar

Objective 3 Search with the Instant Search


Activity 3.5 Searching with the Instant Search


Objective 4 Locate Expert Resources

Activity 3.6 Exploring Expert Resources

Activity 3.7 Creating a Document to Compare

Expert Resources

Objective 5 Find Online Library Catalogs

and Scholarly Resources

Activity 3.8 Finding Online Library Catalogs

and Other Scholarly Resources

Activity 3.9 Creating a Document to Compare

Library Resources

PROJECT 3B Performing Advanced Searches

Objective 6 Search with Boolean Operators

Activity 3.10 Searching with Boolean Operators

and Advanced Search Features

Objective 7 Locate News and Opinion


Activity 3.11 Finding News at Google

Activity 3.12 Searching for News Using

Advanced Search Features

Activity 3.13 Searching for Business News


Activity 3.14 Creating a Document to Compare

News and Opinion Resources

Objective 8 Find Invisible Web Resources

and Specialized Databases

Activity 3.15 Locating the Invisible Web and

Specialized Databases

Activity 3.16 Creating a Document to Compare

Invisible Web Resources

PROJECT 3C Exploring Search Tools

Objective 9 Implement a Search Using a

Directory Search Site

Objective 10 Implement a Search Using a

Meta-Search Engine

PROJECT 3D Developing Search Strategy


Objective 11 Explore How a Search

Engine Works

Objective 12 Evaluate Search Results

Chapter 4 Communication

Using E-mail

PROJECT 4A Signing Up for a Web-Based

E-mail Account

Objective 1 Locate and Set Up a

Web-Based E-mail Account

Activity 4.1 Setting Up a Web-Based E-mail

Account 2

Objective 2 Compose and Send a Basic

E-mail Message

Activity 4.2 Creating a Basic E-mail Message

Activity 4.3 Creating a Signature File and

Signing Out of Your Account

PROJECT 4B Managing Web-Based E-mail


Objective 3 Receive and Reply to an E-mail

Message with an Attachment

Activity 4.4 Checking for E-mail and Opening

E-mail with an Attachment

Activity 4.5 Using the Reply and Forward


Objective 4 Print an E-mail Message

Activity 4.6 Printing an E-mail Message

Objective 5 Create Folders and Filters

Activity 4.7 Creating a Folder and Moving

E-mail into It

Activity 4.8 Creating a Filter

Objective 6 Delete E-mail from

Your Account

Activity 4.9 Deleting E-mail and Signing Out

PROJECT 4C Exploring E-mail Systems,

Protocols, Netiquette, and


Objective 7 Compare E-mail Systems

Objective 8 Identify Appropriate E-mail


Objective 9 Minimize Nuisances Associated

with E-mail

PROJECT 4D Exploring Mailing Lists and


Objective 10 Explore Mailing Lists

Objective 11 Find Special Interest


Chapter 5 Collaborating

on the World

Wide Web

PROJECT 5A Creating Your Own Blog

Objective 1 Locate Existing Blogs

Activity 5.1 Locating Blogs with a Search


Activity 5.2 Comparing Blog Search Tools

Objective 2 Set Up an Account at a

Blogging Web Site

Activity 5.3 Signing Up for a Blogging


Objective 3 Publish Posts to

Your Blog

Activity 5.4 Posting to a Blog

PROJECT 5B Locating Newsgroups

Objective 4 Search for USENET Newsgroups

Activity 5.5 Locating a USENET Newsgroup

Objective 5 Locate a Web-Based Newsgroup

Activity 5.6 Locating a Web-Based Newsgroup

Objective 6 Read and Reply to Threads at a

Web-Based Newsgroup

Activity 5.7 Reading Threads at a Web-Based


Activity 5.8 Joining a Newsgroup and

Posting a Reply

PROJECT 5C Exploring Other Web-Based

Communication Tools

Objective 7 Discover Wikis and Vlogs

Objective 8 Identify Message Boards,

Web-Based Forums, and

Bulletin Boards

Objective 9 Explore Instant Messaging and

Compare Instant Messengers

PROJECT 5D Comparing Synchronous

Communication Tools

Objective 10 Identify Types of IRC

and Chat

Objective 11 Define Internet Telephony

and VoIP

Objective 12 Describe Video Conferencing

Chapter 6 Locating

Resources on

the World

Wide Web

PROJECT 6A Accessing a Special-Interest

Web Site for Health


Objective 1 Perform a Directory Search

and Evaluate a Special

Interest Web Site

Activity 6.1 Locating Health Information

Using a Directory

Objective 2 Perform a Search for

Special-Interest Web Sites

Using a Search Engine and

an Advanced Search

Activity 6.2 Locating Health Information

Online Using a Search Engine

Activity 6.3 Locating Health Information

Online Using an Advanced Search

Objective 3 Compare Types of Special-Interest

Web Sites

Activity 6.4 Comparing Health Information

Web Sites

PROJECT 6B Comparing Push and Pull

Content on the Web

Objective 4 Access Weather Information


Activity 6.5 Locating Weather Information Online

Objective 5 Install a Feed on Your Computer

Activity 6.6 Installing and Using a RSS Feed

Objective 6 Manage Travel Arrangements


Activity 6.7 Searching for Maps and Travel

Directions to Businesses

Activity 6.8 Exploring Travel Arrangement Sites

PROJECT 6C Finding Informational

Resources on the Web

Objective 7 Find People Using Online


Objective 8 Locate Legal Information and

Educational Opportunities

PROJECT 6D Locating Entertainment Sites

Objective 9 Identify Award-Winning

Web Sites and Portals

Objective 10 Compare Gaming Sites

Objective 11 Explore Multimedia


Chapter 7 Working with

Data on the World

Wide Web

PROJECT 7A Accessing Files on the World

Wide Web

Objective 1 Search for and Download

Public Domain Images

Activity 7.1 Locating and Downloading Public

Domain Images

Objective 2 Search for and Download an

Audio File

Activity 7.2 Searching for and Downloading

Audio Files

Objective 3 View a Video File Online 404

Activity 7.3 Viewing Cooking Videos at a

Web Site

PROJECT 7B Uploading and Download

Files and Programs

Objective 4 Store Photos Online

Activity 7.4 Creating an Account at an

Online Storage Site

Activity 7.5 Uploading a Photo to an

Online Storage Site

Objective 5 Download and Install a

Program File

Activity 7.6 Downloading an FTP Client

Objective 6 Compress Files Using a File

Compression Program

Activity 7.7 Compressing Files with

Windows XP

PROJECT 7C Recognizing Issues of Ethics,

Copyright, and Fair Use

Objective 7 Explore the Ethics of

Computer Use

Objective 8 Define Copyright Laws and

Fair Use Provisions

PROJECT 7D Citing Online Sources

Objective 9 Determine When to Use a


Objective 10 Compare the MLA and

APA Styles

Chapter 8 Protecting Your



PROJECT 8A Staying Secure at Home and

In Small Business

Objective 1 Identify Security Practices

for Home and Small Business

Activity 8.1 Viewing Videos about Home

Computer Security

Activity 8.2 Taking a Quiz about Home

Computer Security

Objective 2 Evaluate the Protection Level

of Computer Ports

Activity 8.3 Performing a Port Scan

PROJECT 8B Searching for Firewall


Objective 3 Identify Firewall Programs

Activity 8.4 Performing a Search to Locate

Firewall Software Reviews

Objective 4 Compare Benefits, Features, and

Costs of Firewall Software

Activity 8.5 Creating a Document to Compare

Firewall Software

PROJECT 8C Evaluating Threats and


Objective 5 Identify Physical and

Computer Security

Objective 6 Manage the Computing


PROJECT 5D Comparing Security


Objective 7 Differentiate Between

Identification, Authentication,

and Certificates

Objective 8 Explore Encryption Methods

Chapter 9 Conducting

Business Online

PROJECT 9A Finding a Job Online

Objective 1 Find Data on Employment


Activity 9.1 Locating National Salary Data

Activity 9.2 Comparing National Salary Data

Objective 2 Explore an Online

Employment Service

Activity 9.3 Registering with an Online

Employment Service

Activity 9.4 Searching for a New Job

PROJECT 9B Using the World Wide

Web for Sales

Objective 3 Locate an Item at an

Online Auction Site

Activity 9.5 Registering with an Online

Auction Site

Activity 9.6 Using an Online Auction Site

Objective 4 Explore an Online Storefront

Activity 9.7 Searching for Items at eBay Stores

PROJECT 9C Collecting Payments Online

Objective 5 Define Electronic Payments

Objective 6 Compare Online Payment


PROJECT 9D Classifying E-Commerce


Objective 7 Distinguish Among

E-Commerce Models

Objective 8 Evaluate E-Commerce Sites

Chapter 10Developing

a Web Site

PROJECT 10A Exploring Web

Authoring Tools

Objective 1 Create a Web Page with a

Plain Text Editor

Activity 10.1 Creating a Web Page in Notepad

Objective 2 Create a Web Page with a


Activity 10.2 Downloading and Installing a


Activity 10.3 Creating a Web Page with a


Activity 10.4 Modifying a Web Page

PROJECT 10B Locating Online Web Design

Tutorials and Templates

Objective 3 Search for Online Design


Activity 10.5 Searching for Design Tutorials

Objective 4 Locate and Use HTML Templates

Activity 10.6 Locating a USENET Newsgroup

Activity 10.7 Modifying a Template

PROJECT 10C Designing User-Centered

Web Sites

Objective 5 Define the Purpose of a Site and

the Needs of the Audience

Objective 6 Identify the Web Development

Team and Web Development


PROJECT 10D Developing the Page Layout

and Site Structure

Objective 7 Identify the Page Layout

Objective 8 Define the Site Structure

Chapter 11 Enhancing a

Web Site

PROJECT 11A Using Graphics on a

Web Page

Objective 1 Choose a Color Scheme

for a Web Site

Activity 11.1 Choosing a Web-Safe Color Palette

Activity 11.2 Adding a Background Color

Activity 11.3 Establishing Text and Link Colors

Activity 11.4 Modifying Font Style and Color

Objective 2 Add Graphics to a Web Page

Activity 11.5 Locating, Modifying, and

Saving Images

Activity 11.6 Inserting a Graphic on a Web Page

PROJECT 11B Developing Site Structure

and Content

Objective 3 Establish Navigation with


Activity 11.7 Downloading and Saving an HTML


Activity 11.8 Adding Hyperlinks to a Template

Activity 11.9 Adding Text Hyperlinks to a


Objective 4 Implement Scripts to Add

Interactive Content

Activity 11.10 Adding JavaScript to a Web Page

PROJECT 11C Harnessing the Impact of


Objective 5 Add Audio to a Web Page

Objective 6 Insert Animated Graphics

and Video on a Web Page

PROJECT 11D Using Frames and Forms on

a Web Site

Objective 7 Create Frames for Navigation


Objective 8 Add a Form to a Web Site

Chapter 12 Maintaining a

Web Site

PROJECT 12A Managing Web Server Space

Objective 1 Locate a Hosting Provider

Activity 12.1 Searching for Hosting Providers

Activity 12.2 Obtaining an Account with a

Hosting Provider

Objective 2 Develop Appropriate Server


Activity 12.3 Creating Folders on Web Server

PROJECT 12B Moving Content to a Web


Objective 3 Test and Debug a Web Page

Activity 12.4 Testing a Web Page for Accessibility

Activity 12.5 Testing a Web Page for Screen Size


Activity 12.6 Testing a Web Page for HTML


Objective 4 Use an FTP Client to Upload

a Web Page

Activity 12.7 Creating and Uploading a Web Page

Activity 12.8 Renaming a Web Page

PROJECT 12C Evaluating the Effectiveness

of a Web Site

Objective 5 Implement Usability with a

Focus Group

Objective 6 Measure Web Site Performance

PROJECT 12D Promoting a Web Site

Objective 7 Establish a Web Site Name

Objective 8 Plan for Search Engine





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