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Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition: Prima Official Game Guide »

Book cover image of Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition: Prima Official Game Guide by David Hodgson

Authors: David Hodgson
ISBN-13: 9780761563273, ISBN-10: 076156327X
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Random House Information Group
Date Published: October 2009
Edition: (Non-applicable)

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Author Biography: David Hodgson

Book Synopsis

• This staggeringly complete guide is 752 pages stuffed with all the information you'll need to survive and thrive in Fallout 3.
• Covers the entire main game and all five Add-On games: Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout, and Mothership Zeta.
• Your Essential Wasteland Companion: walkthroughs and over 200 detailed maps give you all the tactics, locations, items, and rewards!
• Info and stats on all the perks, armor, weapons, items, factions, and entities you'll encounter.
• Moral compass choices revealed! Villain or virtuous? Our guide's flowcharts will let you know which road to follow for your chosen path.
• Giant map poster to guide you through the Wasteland.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Training
Welcome to the Capital Wasteland Primary Statistics Derived Statistics Skills Overview Perks Overview Quest-Related Perks Plans for Successful Character Development General Training and Advice Mapping the Capital Wasteland Other Pip-Boy Functionality The Battle for Wasteland Supremacy Going on Maneuvers Aiding and Abetting the Vault Dweller
Chapter 2: Factions and Bestiary
Part 1: Factions Part 2: The Bestiary
Chapter 3: The Wasteland Census
Chapter 4: Wasteland Gear
Wasteland Weaponry:
Big Guns Energy Weapons Grenades & Mines Melee Weapons Small Guns Unarmed Weapons
Wasteland Apparel:
Vault Outfits Combat Armor Powered Armor Wasteland Armor Sealed Body Suits General Wasteland Outfits Enclosed Headgear: Powered Helmets Enclosed Headgear: Masks & Helmets Other Headgear: Masks & Helmets Other Headgear: Glasses & Facial Coverings
Chapter 5: Main Quest
Birth Baby Steps Growing Up Fast Future Imperfect Escape!
Following in His Footsteps Galaxy News Radio Scientific Pursuits Tranquility Lane The Waters of Life Picking up the Trail Rescue from Paradise Finding the Garden of Eden The American Dream Take it Back!
Project Complete: Aftermath
Chapter 6: Miscellaneous Quests
Big Trouble in Big Town The Superhuman Gambit The Wasteland Survival Guide Those!
The Nuka-Cola Challenge Head of State The Replicated Man Blood Ties Oasis The Power of the Atom Tenpenny Tower Strictly Business You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head Stealing Independence Trouble on the Homefront Agatha's Song Reilly's Rangers
Chapter 7: Tour of the Capital Wasteland
Welcome to the Capital Wasteland General Encounters Capital Wasteland Traders Around the Wasteland in 80 Mini-Encounters Type I: Unique Encounters Type II: Repeating Encounters Zone 1: Northwest Territories Zone 2: Northern Mountains Zone 3: Northeast Territories Zone 4: Irradiated Western Plains Zone 5: Central Plains and Potomac Zone 6: Eastern Hills and D.C. Outskirts Zone 7: Southwest Territories Zone 8: Southern Plains and D.C. Outskirts Zone 9: Exterior D.C. Metropolitan Ruins
Zones10–21: Interior D.C. Metropolitan Ruins:
Zone 10: Chevy Chase Overview Zone 11: Dupont Circle Zone 12: Vernon Square Zone 13: Takoma Park Zone 14: Georgetown Zone 15: Pennsylvania Avenue Zone 16: Arlington National Cemetery Zone 17: The Mall Zone 18: Seward Square Zone 19: Falls Church Zone 20: Mason District Zone 21: L'Enfant Plaza
Zone U: Linking Underground Locations (D.C. Ruins)
Underground Locations
Chapter 8: Operation: Anchorage
Aiding the Outcasts The Guns of Anchorage Paving the Way Operation: Anchorage!
Tour of Operation: Anchorage:
Operation: Anchorage: D.C. Locations Operation: Anchorage: Alaskan Locations
Chapter 9: The Pitt
Unsafe Working Conditions Free Labor
Tour of The Pitt:
The Pitt: D.C. Locations The Pitt: Pitt Locations
Chapter 10: Broken Steel
Death from Above Shock Value Who Dares Wins Miscellaneous Quests Preamble: Locating Scribe Bigsley Miscellaneous Quest: Protecting the Water Way Miscellaneous Quest: Holy Water Miscellaneous Quest: The Amazing Aqua Cura!
Freeform Quest: The Sorrowful Suitor Freeform Quest: Getting Ready for Prime Time Freeform Quest: Blood Brotherhood Freeform Quest: Forcing Evolution Virally
Tour of Broken Steel:
Water Caravan Routes Zone 2: Northern Mountains Zone 3: Northeast Territories Zone 4: Irradiated Western Plains Zone 5: Central Plains and Potomac Zone 7: Southwest Territories Zone 8: Southern Plains & D.C. Outskirts Zone 9: Exterior D.C. Metropolitan Ruins Zone 10: Chevy Chase Zone 14: Georgetown Zone 15: Pennsylvania Avenue Zone 17: The Mall Zone 18: Seward Square
Chapter 11: Point Lookout
The Local Flavor Walking With Spirits Hearing Voices Thought Control The Meeting of the Minds Miscellaneous Quest: An Antique Land Miscellaneous Quest: The Dark Heart of Blackhall Miscellaneous Quest: A Spoonful of Whiskey Miscellaneous Quest: The Velvet Curtain Miscellaneous Quest: Plik's Safari Freeform Quest: Latchkey Kenny Freeform Quest: The Seafarer's Friend Freeform Quest: Tailing the Tomboy
Tour of Point Lookout:
Point Lookout: D.C. Locations Zone 7: Southwest Territories Zone 9: Exterior D.C. Metropolitan Ruins Point Lookout Locations Zone 1: Northwestern Swamps Zone 2: Northern Mountains Zone 3: The Shrouded Promontory Zone 4: Western Sand Dunes Zone 5: Point Lookout Township Zone 6: The Blasted Heath
Chapter 12: Mothership Zeta
Not of This World Among the Stars This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough…
Tour of Mothership Zeta:
Capital Wasteland Zone 2: Northern Mountains Mothership Zeta: Interior Locations
Chapter 13: Appendices
Appendix 1: Achievements and Trophies Appendix 2: Bobbleheads Appendix 3: Fat Men Appendix 4: Fat Man: Mini-Nukes Appendix 5: Unique Weapons and Outfi ts Appendix 6: Nuka Cola Quantums Appendix 7: Schematics: Custom Weapons Appendix 8: Scribe Pre-war Books Appendix 9: Skill Books Appendix 10: Keller and Replicated Man Holotapes Appendix 11: Alien Captive Recorded Logs




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  • Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition: Prima Official Game Guide

    After finishing this book and i just want to say one word:A great companion to a massive game! And this book is the most wonderful book that i had ever scanned, i thoroughly enjoyed this book deeply. The book contains some information that i had never seen in other books. The detail is so wonderful and necessary. sometimes even i can' t believe it. This book keep my attention for a long time. And i like playing game XMas of coursei like reading this book. And i intend to buy another copy for my friends and i wish they all can like my gift for them. They all like playing the same games and i prepare for this wonderful game book for them. So maybe you wonder why i like this book, then i will tell you why,first it's a strategy guide.What you need some new things, it contains completely here and there. Second,the book is easy to read and you are very easy to find what you need.Third, this book is very useful and i like this point especially.This book can be a lifesaver especially for those who quests for a long ti me and they didn't find anything.I highly recommend this book for squeezing every secret and bit of enjoyment out of this game.
    {5 / 5} by Steve W May 6th, 2011
  • Good, but not the best.

    If you want to ask me how about this book and i will tell you it is good but not the best one that i had ever read! This is a good guide to have, n incredibly thorough guide for a very deep game and the book is easy to read, and It has a ton of information that i had searched for a long time. When i bought this book and i had some specific reason and i buy it, and it met my need so i think it is a good book! But flaws in this book first the way its written could have been better. Second the layout can be annoying to some. They should have just explained the quest first after that then add the different ways of doing them. But over all this is a wonderful book that is worth your time and your money I would highly recommend this guide to anyone who has the game. I had read this book for many times and i intend to read it multiple times if i am free!
    {5 / 5} by Joseph Curry May 6th, 2011

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