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College Physics » (REV)

Book cover image of College Physics by Frederick J. Bueche

Authors: Frederick J. Bueche, Eugene Hecht
ISBN-13: 9780071448147, ISBN-10: 0071448144
Format: Paperback
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Date Published: November 2005
Edition: REV

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Author Biography: Frederick J. Bueche

Frederick J. Bueche, Ph.D., is a distinguished

professor at-large at the University of Dayton.

Eugene Hecht, Ph.D., was professor of physics at Adelphi University.

Book Synopsis

Schaum's Outlines include basic theory, definitions, and hundreds of sample problems solved in step-by-step detail and supplementary problems with answers. Schaum's Outlines have been favorably received and widely adopted by numberous colleges and technical schools.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Vectors Chapter 2. Uniformly Accelerated Motion Chapter 3. Newton's Laws Chapter 4. Equilibrium Under the Action of Concurrent Forces Chapter 5. Equilibrium of a Rigid Body Under Coplanar Forces Chapter 6. Work, Energy, and Power Chapter 7. Simple Machines Chapter 8. Impulse and Momentum Chapter 9. Angular Motion in a Plane Chapter 10. Rigid-Body Rotation Chapter 11. Simple Harmonic Motion and Springs Chapter 12. Density: Elasticity Chapter 13. Fluids at Rest Chapter 14. Fluids in Motion Chapter 15. Thermal Expansion Chapter 16. Ideal Gases Chapter 17. Kinetic Theory Chapter 18. Heat Quantities Chapter 19. Transfer of Heat Energy Chapter 20. First Law of Thermodynamics Chapter 21. Entropy and the Second Law Chapter 22. Wave Motion Chapter 23. Sound Chapter 24. Coulomb's Law and Electric Fields Chapter 25. Potential; Capacitance Chapter 26. Current, Resistance, and Ohm's Law Chapter 27. Electrical Power Chapter 28. Equivalent Resistance; Simple Circuits Chapter 29. Kirchhoff's Laws Chapter 30. Forces in Magnetic Fields Chapter 31. Sources of Magnetic Fields Chapter 32. Induced EMF; Magnetic Flux Chapter 33. Electric Generators and Motors Chapter 34. Inductance; R-C and R-L Time Constants Chapter 35. Alternating Current Chapter 36. Reflection of Light Chapter 37. Refraction of Light Chapter 38. Thin Lenses Chapter 39. Optical Instruments Chapter 40. Interference and Diffraction of Light Chapter 41. Relativity Chapter 42. Quantum Physics and Wave Mechanics Chapter 43. The Hydrogen Atom Chapter 44. Multielectron Atoms Chapter 45. Nuclei and Radioactivity Chapter 46. Applied Nuclear Physics Appendix A: Significant Figures Appendix B: Trigonometry Needed for College Physics Appendix C: Exponents Appendix D: Logarithms Appendix E: Prefixes for Multiples of SI Units: The Greek Alphabet Appendix F: Factors for Conversions to SI Units Appendix G: Physical Constants Appendix H: Table of the Elements Index

Frederick J. Bueche, Ph.D., is a distinguished

professor at-large at the University of Dayton.

Eugene Hecht, Ph.D., was professor of physics at Adelphi University.




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