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Between Silk and Cyanide: A Codemaker's War, 1941-1945 » (1 TOUCHSTO)

Book cover image of Between Silk and Cyanide: A Codemaker's War, 1941-1945 by Leo Marks

Authors: Leo Marks
ISBN-13: 9780684867809, ISBN-10: 068486780X
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
Date Published: August 2000
Edition: 1 TOUCHSTO

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Author Biography: Leo Marks

Leo Marks is renowned both as a cryptographer and as a screenwriter. His most famous work, Peeping Tom, a terrifying psychological thriller, is a cult classic of 1960s cinema. His father, Benjamin Marks, was the founder and owner of the legendary London bookshop 84 Charing Cross Road.

Book Synopsis

Leo Marks left his father's famous London bookshop in 1942, to go and fight in the war. Recognized as a cryptographer of genius, he became head of communications at the Special Operations Executive (SOE), where he revolutionized the codemaking techniques of the Allies.

Ken Ringle

A welcome and powerfully affecting chapter of World War II history, and a very human story of the most clandestine and cerebral art of making war.— The Washington Post

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
  1. A Hard Man to Place
  2. The Pilot Light
  3. A Collector's Item
  4. 'Merde Alors!'
  5. All Things Bright and Beautiful
  6. The Fifth Grouse
  7. SOE-minded
  8. The Plumber and His Mate
  9. The Godfather
  10. The Sixth Sense
  11. The High-Pitched Bleep
  12. A Shock Discovery
  13. The Biter Bitten
  14. The Last-Chance Month
  15. The Bolt Hole
  16. A Question of Y
  17. Arquebus, Gunnerside and Golf
  18. The Coding Cabaret
  19. Summit Meeting
  20. The Findings of the Court
  21. Repercussions
  22. The Launching of Plan Giskes
  23. Special Devices
  24. Judgement Day
  25. Permission to Proceed?
  26. Court Martial
  27. Criminal Negligence
  28. Green Ink
  29. Best Read at Night
  30. The War Dance
  31. Accidents Will Happen
  32. Pilgrim's Progress
  33. The 'Hard Men'
  34. Judicial Review
  35. The Masterstroke
  36. Desperate Measures
  37. Punitive Expedition
  38. The Secret Weapon
  39. Appointment with Royalty
  40. The Extended Briefing
  41. Operation Gift-horse
  42. A Terrible Gaffe
  43. Operation Sidetrack
  44. Beyond Belief
  45. Parallel Action
  46. The Club Rules
  47. Lake Como's Bottom
  48. 'I Hereby Bequeath'
  49. A Treat for the Natives
  50. Homecoming
  51. Stranglehold
  52. Man with a Mission
  53. Breaking Point
  54. Who Stole Your Grace?
  55. The Forty-Eight Mistakes
  56. Unique in SOE
  57. The Major Development
  58. 'If I Should Die, Etcetera'
  59. The Invisible Presence
  60. Fumigated
  61. A Mere Squadron Leader
  62. Without Precedent
  63. Open Arrest
  64. Misgivings
  65. 'The Life that I Have'
  66. April Fool's Day
  67. The New Boys
  68. Inexcusable
  69. For Your Ears Only
  70. Neptune's Trident
  71. Staying Power
  72. 'They Also Serve'
  73. Self-Defence
  74. Taken for Granted
  75. The Day of Reckoning
  76. Pockets of Resistance
  77. Operation Periwig
  78. Serial Number 47685
  79. For Services Rendered
  80. Exemplary Conduct
  81. The Last Mischief




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